About Us

Melissa Pearl

I love YA literature and movies. I have ever since I can remember.
More than that I love YA romance.

I have been writing for ten years. Golden Blood is the first book in my Time Spirit trilogy. It is packed full of action, teen angst and young love. You know, all the good stuff.

I have dozens of stories swimming in my head and I hope to write them all one day... so I can share them with you guys.

I used to be a school teacher, before becoming a mom. The reason I chose that profession is because I think kids/teens are awesome and have so much to offer the world. I'm looking forward to reading your opinions and finding out what you love on this blog.

I live in New Zealand with my hubby and two sons. We're actually moving to China later in the year as my husband scored a great job teaching at an international school in Suzhou.

Life is busy, life is full, life is fun :)

Brenda Howson (aka Zealous Girl)

I’m a full time mum with two little munchkins and we live in New Zealand with my husband who is also my high school sweetheart. Before kids I worked in IT and Graphic Design, which I also loved.

I think of myself as a very creative person, whether I’m knitting, sewing, making cards, or writing. I love it all. I wish there were more hours in the day so I could do them all.

Since I was a child I’ve written stories. When I was a teen it was all about romance and I would craft out scenes where girl meets boy, or boy kisses girl. But as an adult my best friend challenged me to write an entire book and I was hooked. This was something I wanted to do more of and get better at.

Even as a mum, I still crave stories about first love and teen adventures (some of us just never grow up) so that’s what I mainly write and read about.

Thanks for stopping by!