Monday, November 21, 2011

Which first? The book or the movie?

It's an age-old argument, isn't it? What should you do first - read the book or see the movie?

Personally, I prefer to see the movie first. I love having an image in my head of what the characters look like. I find I still really enjoy the book. If anything, I get more out of it, because there are normally extra scenes that weren't in the movie.

If I read the book first, I'm often disappointed, because the movie hasn't captured the characters the way I would have or they have skipped out scenes I would have left in.

Twilight is a weird exception for me. I saw the movie first and liked it. Then I read the book and loved it. I then went back to the movies and saw it again. The movie was so much better after reading the book.

What do you prefer to do?


  1. I prefer to read the book first but there must be a gap after reading and watching the movie so I'm not comparing them and getting disappointed. Twilight I totally agree. Reading the book actually helps you understand why things are happening in the movie.

    Oh and another reason I like to read first is, I prefer to get a picture in my head of the character rather than using the actor, who isn't always the same as the book character. But that's just me :-) I prefer it that way

  2. From what I gather, most people prefer to read the book first. That's partly why I wrote this post, to see if I was right :)

  3. Oh, I adore reading the books first and then watching the movies. Seriously. I find that there is so much depth in the character development that a two hour movie could never achieve.
    But then - I really love watching the movie afterwards. If I loved the book, then I'm always completely fascinated by who the movie cast is for all the characters, and to see how different I saw then in my head. Sometimes they are even better in the movies. One movie I am REALLY looking forward to is The Hunger Games. I cannot wait. I loved the series.... (even though it was a bit tragic at the end) and I keep watching the trailer over and over in anticipation. It gets my heart thumping with adrenaline. :-)