Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hollywood Books

I am a huge fan of reading. I am also a huge fan of movies. So when books are made into movies, I am usually very happy about this. I am able to separate the two easily and it's not often I see a movie version of a book and am disappointed. Sometimes I am, but you can't win them all.

Because I am such a HUGE movie fan, the idea of my books being made into movies is the ultimate. I may never get there, but I always think it's good to set your sights high.

When I am constructing a story in my head, I see it as a movie. When I'm writing the first draft, if I can't visualise the characters in the scene as if I'm watching it onscreen, then I usually take it out of the book. My favourite types of books to read are the ones I can see as movies in my head, therefore when I write, I have the same goal in mind.

When you read - do you see the stories play out as movies?
Are the books you love the kind you think should be turned into films?
What books have you read lately that would make amazing movies?

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