Monday, November 19, 2012

Discussion Time - Paranormal vs. Realistic Fiction

As part of the face lift of this blog, we thought it'd be fun to bring in some discussion times. It's fun to find out what other people think about different aspects of YA and we welcome your thoughts in the comments section.

The argument I've put forward is: Paranormal vs. Realistic Fiction.

Which genre do you prefer reading?

Most of the stories I used to dream up were always contemporary/realistic in nature, but then Twilight came out. This was my first experience of paranormal and I loved it. I devoured the books and so far, have enjoyed every movie.

It was after seeing Twilight that I wanted to give paranormal writing a go. I wrote the Time Spirit Trilogy and had so much fun with it. Since then, I have basically only read paranormal books and I am now working on a fantasy trilogy.

Now - this does not in anyway suggest that I no longer enjoy contemporary/realistic fiction. The honest truth is, I prefer reading realistic stories. I'm all about the relationships in books and there's something about the realism of contemporary novels that I really love.

I have some contemporary stories in my head that I hope to write some day, but for now I'll keep playing with the magical realms of paranormal and fantasy. I definitely think there is room for both in my writing career, but I didn't realise until planning this post how much I do love reading a realistic love story.

Do you like the realism of contemporary or the magic of paranormal?
What makes you prefer one over the other?


  1. In general, I prefer paranormal, as well as other fiction where something is not quite the same as the real world, such as in dystopian fiction. I think I just find them more exciting. Having said that, there are some contemporary fiction books I adore, such as those written by John Green, or Jodi Picoult, for example!

    1. Jodi Picoult is SUCH a talented writer.

      There is something cool about the magical elements in paranormal and dystopian fiction.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Meghan :)

  2. I like paranormal that I believe in.

    1. Great answer, Melanie :) I agree. I think there should always be an element of realism in a paranormal.... even a fantasy. Readers need something they can connect to.

      Thanks for stopping by :)