Monday, December 10, 2012

A Chat With Tamara Beard

I think book bloggers and reviewers are amazing. They help put us indie authors on the map and I think they need to be applauded, hugged and praised for their efforts. That is why we have decided to start interviewing them on YAlicious. We thought you might want to get to know these amazing people a little better.

Today we have Tamara Beard with us. Now this chick seriously rocks. She is always out to promote indie authors. She is kind, sweet and her enthusiasm for books is contagious. It was our absolute pleasure to interview her.

Welcome to YAlicious, Tamara :)

When did you first discover your love for reading?
*snorts a laugh* Honestly? I think I fell in love with reading that very first time I read a word back in Kindergarten. I’ve been reading my entire life, and plan on reading for the rest of it.

What were your favourite types of books as a kid?
Depends what age we’re talking about. Some of my all time favorites growing up were the Magic Tree House books, The Magic School Bus books, and, of course, Dr. Seuss. One of my all time favorites was Bears in the Night. I loved that book more than anything.

What is your favourite genre now and why do you like?
Contemporary New Adult Romance J To explain why I like it, let me break it down. I like contemporary romance because it is believable. I can really see it, hear it… feel it. Whereas most sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy books have to be extremely detailed and well written for me to truly get sucked into believing the world around me in the book. I like the New Adult genre because it is more detailed then a simple ‘peck on the lips’, like YA novels, but it isn’t as… ‘squirm inducing’ as Adult and Erotica.

What kinds of book covers draw you in?
You know, I hate to say it, but covers have a lot of weight in my sway of buying a book or not. You know that saying “never judge a book by its cover”? Yea, well, guilty as charged! I just… I buy so many books, and read so much, they begin to blur together. With work, and school, I barely have time to sleep, let alone read every book description. So when I am running through my ‘tbr’ lists on Goodreads, or looking at the Indie books on Amazon, I go with the intriguing covers. The covers that I am drawn to are those with contrasts in color, extremely bright or extremely dark shades, and where you can easily pick out a theme from the picture on the cover.

What do you look for in a book description?
For me, a book description is extremely important as well. If a cover draws me in, the next thin I look at is the description. The description has to be unique, and show the potential that the book contains. It has to show the emotion, suspense, action, or romance contained in the story, so that my curiosity is piqued. One type of description that, if I see, I most likely will not buy the book, is when they have reviews, instead of the synopsis. To me, this gives off that the book doesn’t have enough potential to be shown in a paragraph or two, so they took the good reviews, and tried to lure readers in that way.

What do you like most about reviewing books for authors?
In general, my favorite thing about working for authors, including reviewing books, is the smile on their face, or the happiness expressed in a message, when I’m done. Even if it is a low star rating, I try to be positive, and always make sure the author knows how I think they can improve. So… whether I see their face, or read their words, when an expression of happiness from an Indie is put in my path, it makes all the late nights, frustrated screams, and stressed out moments worth it.

Do you find it easy to picture characters and settings in your head? How descriptive do you like an author to be?
Well, I’m actually a really unique reader I’m told, because when I read, I don’t… see the words? It’s like… My brain processes the words, but instead of seeing my kindle in front of m eyes, I see what I’m reading, and I don’t even mean like a movie… It’ like.. I’m there, ya know? The best way I can describe it is like I’m a ghost, invisible and floating, in the world I’m reading. Because of this, most of my favorite books are highly descriptive when it comes to characters, settings, and scenes in general.

A traditionally published author you love: Molly McAdams (I don’t read traditionally published books. Being ‘The Indie Helper’, I try to help Indies as much as I can, that includes only reading their stuff. However, Molly is definitely an exception!)
And indie author you love: Shelly Crane!!! (Biggest Fan *points at self* right here!)
One of your favourite YA books: Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King =)
One of your favourite Adult books: (New Adult) Easy By Tammara Webber!!
A book you've read more than once and the reason why: I read Collide By Shelly Crane at least once a month. I just absolutely love the series, it is amazing! 

Great answers, Tamara. I love Bears in the Night too. I'm now reading it to my son. It's so cool!!
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  1. Anyone who says they don't judge a book by the cover is, well, lying. Most people do. We can't help it.

    And I agree with you on the blurbs. I need a synopsis, a detailed synopsis, if I'm going to buy the book. I need to have a very good idea what the book is about. Vague ones do nothing for me. Not that I want a super long synopsis, either. Some indie authors do a great job writing them. Many not so much.

    And yay for Easy. I fell in love with NA after reading that book. Now I'm a huge fan of indie NA novels. :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stina :)

      I find writing book blurbs SO hard because I know how important they are. I agree that they should be an actual description and not just review quotes :)

      I must try out some NA, sounds like just my cup of tea :)

  2. Thanks so much for having me!!!!

    1. You are so welcome. It's our absolute pleasure to have you :)