Thursday, July 18, 2013

COVER REVEAL - Unleashed by Melissa Pearl

Yes - I know, two cover reveal posts in one week! Exciting :)

I am very pleased to announce that in less than a month, The Elements Trilogy will be complete. I can't quite believe it. It has been a hard slog this year, but I did it!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and special mention to Brenda Howson, my lovely graphic designer from Zealous Design. You did a great job with this cover and I love working with you. You have the patience of a saint :)

The prophecy has failed. As Athra lies in the dungeons of Taramon with his defeated army, this is all he can believe. His city has been torn apart. He has failed his people and all that awaits him is an agonising death.

But the light has been found.

Ashan and his dark army proceed in gloating triumph. Safeer heads to Mezrah with Taramon's women and children, while the rest of his men remain in the northern city, forcing their prisoners to tear it down stone by stone.

But two sparks have been ignited.

Kyla and Jethro learn of Taramon's demise and, with the children, formulate a plan to rescue their people and bring an end to the overpowering darkness. It will take all their strength and every ounce of faith they possess...

But a furious light is about to be unleashed.

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