Thursday, March 13, 2014

Discussion Time: Do you prefer reading a book blind?

The majority of my reading is now done on my Kindle. I love my Kindle. I love the easy access, the lightness of it, the way it is stuffed full of so many books. I'm never without a book and that is such a cool feeling.

The only thing I don't like about reading off my kindle is that it's not as easy to flip to the cover or read the book description. When I read a paperback, I'll often pause to re-look at the cover or I'll flick to the back to re-read the description. I like knowing where a book is going.

But now... I don't really do that anymore. In fact, I'm actually getting into the habit of reading a book blind - meaning I'll launch into a book without knowing anything about it.

I bought a book the other day, because I liked the cover and it was written by someone in my writing group. I knew it was set around the water, because it's called Head Above Water, but that's all I knew. I've started reading it (am really enjoying it too) and it's kinda cool not knowing anything about the story. It's a total blank page for me. I can't make any of my own predictions, because I have no idea where the story is going. The further I get into the book, I'm sure I'll be able to get a better idea. It's just fun starting out knowing nothing.

So how about you?
Do you like knowing where a book is headed or do you prefer to go in blind?
I used to like to know, but I'm learning to love the mystery of the unknown as well.

So - if you've never tried it before, I dare you to give it a go. A risk free way of doing this is to head to the FREE listings on Amazon. Scroll through and pic a cover that intrigues you. Download the book and start reading. You'll know within the first 5 chapters whether it's a good read or not. If it's not, you've wasted less than an hour of your time...or you might be pleasantly surprised :)


  1. So often I buy a book based on the cover alone, whether it's a new author or an author I've read before. I'm just so used to going into books blind I've never really thought about it. sometimes the blurbs tell me too much and I am waiting for things to happen and i don't like that.

    88dreamers @ Seriesly Reading

    1. That's cool. I must say, I'm really enjoying the surprise element of not knowing what the book is about :)