Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Favourites

Okay - it's that time of the week again :)

So - last week was all about the reading... this week is all about the watching.

What's your favourite YA movie?

I know, I know - another impossible question. How do you narrow it down to just one? So I'll make it easier on you. What was the last YA movie you watched and loved.

Now I haven't seen the latest Twilight yet (hey - I have two kids and I've been sick - gimme a break!), so my answer is...

Easy A.

Funny movie, EXCELLENT script, great acting, awesome characters and some good life lessons. Definitely worth a watch.


  1. I love that film as well. So does husband! It has some cracker lines in it.
    My favourite YA? Holy moly. Probably the Harry Potter films - but they are more MG than YA to start with, and then as they progress they are more YA.

  2. The Harry Potter movies are pretty legendary. Do you have a favourite?
    I can't decide. I'm still quite partial to the first one actually :)

  3. Loved Easy A too. Also, it's a little older, but I just saw it again recently John Tucker Must Die. So funny. Fave Harry Potter has to be Goblet of Fire.

  4. John Tucker Must Die is pretty good. Same actor as Easy A - the love interest. I like him :)
    Goblet of Fire - nice choice!

  5. One of the ones that jumps to my mind is 'she's the man'. Love it. Must see Easy A though since so many of you like it!

  6. I love 'She's the Man'! Very funny movie, not to mention nice eye candy :)