Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favourites - main characters best friend

I was thinking about Anne of Green Gables a lot this week. (The show was one of my faves as a kid and I read the books because my mum said to) Anyway, Anne's best friend was Diana, and never has a character annoyed me more. She is drippy and annoying (my friend loves her though). Then it got me thinking about the book I'm writing with my Melissa (more details coming in a week or two) which is about best friends Mica and Lexy. Now I love both these girls, they are very different but both have spunk (never are drippy in my opinion).

I tried to think of other books that had two girls or a main character with a best friend. But of all the books I've read recently, NONE have a best friend.
- Amy Plum's 'Die for me' doesn't mention any other friends, only a sister.
- Bella in 'Twilight' mentions a few other girls, but no best friend. In fact it doesn't mention ANYONE from her past before living in Forks... isn't that a bit strange?
- Beth in 'The Lucky One' has no other girlfriends, and seems to talk only to her nana...

I find this utterly unrealistic. Not only do I have an amazing best friend, but we talk daily. Not always in person or on the phone, but definitely via email or text. We tell each other almost everything...

Do you have a best friend like this?
Do you know any books that have a best friend like this in them, as I'm really struggling to think of any.

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  1. Great post, bestie :)

    Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini has a great best friend in it. Of course i can't remember her name right this second, but I remember REALLY like her... more than the MC in fact.