Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favourites - Scene

As a writer, I have particular scenes that I just love writing. You may be surprised, but I actually love writing a really good argument. It's probably because I am so useless in reality. I get all tongue-tied and flustered. I can never think of the right thing to say and always walk away feeling defeated. Hours later I come up with a myriad of things I could have retorted with, but it's always too late.

However in fiction, I have much more control over how the argument plays out. Sure - one character will often walk away defeated, but I can say which character that is :)

There's something so vibrant and passionate about a heated discourse. Emotions flare, nasty things are said, conflict abounds - so much fun :) And the best part is that after the storm (sometimes WAY after the storm) there is that peaceful, sweet scene where things are resolved.

So - some of my favourite scenes to write are arguments. (Let's be honest, I actually love writing every kind of scene, but arguments are super fun.)

My favourite scenes to read are normally action sequences - the tense, fast-paced kind, or the scenes where someone is rescued. I also love a decent romantic scene - sweet words are spoken, passionate kisses follow in their wake - you know the ones.

What are your favourite scenes to read or write?