Monday, March 4, 2013

NEW RELEASE - Ethereal by Alivia Anders

Alivia Anders is in one of my Facebook groups. She is one cool chick with a wicked sense of humor. I love hanging out with her online. I am so stoked to have her on YAlicious today.

Her latest novella, Ethereal, has just been released so I wanted to highlight that, plus let you know about the rest of Alivia's awesome work. She also answered a couple of questions for me.
Happy reading :)

A novella inspired by the Illumine Series by bestselling author Alivia Anders, Ethereal will enchant readers with the dark, heart-breaking tale of Rinae.

Rinae Decante has always lived by two rules: run fast, and live reckless. Since the age of seven, she's been a victim of the foster-home system, lost and shuffled until ultimately forgotten under the sea of endless faces of children. When a horrifying event nearly costs another child their life by Rinae's hand, she's branded the devil's daughter, a freak that will never survive in society. Before she can be swept away by the state, Rinae gets lost in the streets, where she spends the next seven years fighting to keep her head above the water. And freaks were destined to be homeless, wandering the streets of New York City for nightclubs to escape the pressure of a broken life. 

The past carefully tucked behind her, Rinae tries to put one foot in front of the other. But the past, always watching, refuses to let her go. When a club-goer bumps into her one night as she escapes the pressures of a broken life, she doesn't think much of it. Until he claims to know what she is, and how to control it. Against every instinct, Rinae takes a leap of faith, trusting Tegen, a boy she is uncontrollably drawn to without reason. Together, they collide headfirst into the hidden world of supernatural beings, tangling with enemies and discovering what binds both of them together, learning that some times, inviting the past into the present can save you.

From March 2nd to March 8th, ALL BOOKS in the series are on sale! 

Illumine is on sale for $0.99

Obumbrate is on sale for $2.99

Riven is on sale for $2.99

 ALIVIA ANDERS is the author of the Amazon bestselling Illumine Series. Born and raised in PA, she fell headfirst into the world of writing at thirteen with the discovery of internet fan-fiction and RPG-forum boards. A lover of chinchillas, mexican food, and coffee, she spends most of her time drumming up new ideas to spin into tales to enchant readers everywhere.
You can find out more about Alivia, and her upcoming projects, by visiting her Facebook or Blogger.

Books Available by Alivia Anders:

The Illumine Series:
Illumine (Book #1)
Obumbrate (Book #2)
Riven (Book #3)
Ethereal (Book #3.5)

Look for the title and cover reveal of book #4 to the Illumine Series in Summer, 2013! 

What inspired Illumine and Ethereal?
Illumine was inspired by a story idea I had kept with me since High School, although originally Kayden was a vampire to Essallie's nephilim. (Could you imagine a Nephilim-vampire story?) I was captivated to tell Essallie's tale, I mean, the girl's got balls like no other while still trying to understand where she fits in the world. For Ethereal, I had been toying with Rinae's backstory for months, back when Riven was originally in first-draft mode. I wanted to include her story into the book, but found it wouldn't fit right since the Illumine Series is told from Essallie's POV, not Rinae's. Thus, Ethereal was born. 

Where's your favourite place to write?
For some reason... hiding in my parent's bedroom on their huge bed does the trick. Only problem is the numb butt you get from sitting for so long, hah!

Who is your favourite author (if you can name just one!)
Super easy, JK Rowling, Jonathan Stroud, or Libba Bray. All of them own a piece of my heart for the enchanting tales they've told. 

If you'd like to connect with Alivia online, you can find her at the following links:

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