Monday, September 30, 2013

Discussion Time: Bad Boy vs. Good Guy

I was chatting to an author friend of mine the other day about bad boys and good guys. We were discussing the merits of both types of love stories.

The ones where the bad boy is turned around by the love of a good girl is appealing. There is something very sexy about it, yet also redeeming. I think it's easy to be attracted to a bad boy. There is something dangerous and sexy about them. The only thing I don't like about it, is the way these female characters put up with being treated like crap. Because sometimes bad boys are just bad boys and there is no redemption for them. I read a great book last month by Anna Cruise - If I Fall and it was actually refreshing to read about a bad boy, who actually stayed bad, because at his core he was a callous jerk. It made the good guy in the story so much cooler.

Which leads me to the good guys.
I love good guys. I love the idea that they exist :) Because they do. There are plenty of amazing men in this world who really care about their women. They want to protect and cherish their girl and I love writing characters like that. They may not be quite as dangerous and sexy, but they are just so incredibly sweet and good, we don't need them to be.

This discussion got me thinking about all the love interests I've written in my books and I've quickly come to realize that I like writing characters that are now good, but used to be bad - like Dale Finnigan from the Betwixt Series. He has been one of my favourite characters to write. Because of his bad boy years he has a depth of character that I love.

Who are you attracted to in books?
Do you like the bad boy? The good guy? Or the guy who has redeemed himself and become worthy of the girl's love?

Me personally - I like reading all three. Variety is the spice of life, right?


  1. I like the good guy that comes off as a bad boy.
    You know the type - a sexy tattoo or two (I'm a sucker for tatts!)
    A fast, grunty car or motorcycle. He has to have a bit of a smartarse mouth on him, be a bit of a larakin.
    But when its comes to his woman/girl, he is a complete and utter pussycat! A big old protective teddy bear!
    Oh yeah, I like a 'bad good boy!'

    1. I love it, Cath!!! I totally love those kinds of guys too. You nailed it perfectly :)

  2. Hmm. I go for the good guy, every single time. And just because a character is "good" doesn't mean he can't be exciting, can't be hot, can't have a little bit of a temper or a sarcastic attitude. But, deep at his core, he is GOOD.

    That's what I always wanted and that's what I have. And I think every woman deserves this kind of guy -- not only as "book boyfriends" but in real life, too. :)

    Great question!

    1. Yes - I think that's the key - a guy that is good at the core.