Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favourites - The Kiss

It's my favourite time of the week again :) And this time, I want to find out what your favourite kiss scene is in a book or a movie.

Do you like those slow, a ton of anticipation kisses like Bella and Edward's first in Twilight?

Or are you more of a girl talking, boy kissing her through the prattle like Patrick and Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You?

I have two favourite kiss scenes that come to mind, both from movies.

The first is technically not a YA, but I'm going to share it anyway, because it just totally rocks.. the best kiss ever, in my humble opinion is the one from The Notebook - you know, the one in the rain. Happy sigh.

My second favourite kiss of all time is a YA and can be none other than the baseball mound, melt my heart, extra happy sigh kiss from Never Been Kissed. I always rewind and watch it again, every time I see that movie. I love it.

Can you tell I'm a romantic?

So what's your favourite kiss scene?


  1. No strictly YA either, but some of my faves (as well as the above) are the first kiss in Ever After (Drew Barrymore) in front of the fire, and the last kiss in Paperback Hero. And I actually like both types: fast and while girl talking, and the slow full of anticipation. So long as there is chemistry :-)

  2. I agree - chemistry is the key. I mean to say in my post that I actually really love Gemma and Harrison's first kiss in Golden Blood too. Anything that gives me warm fuzzies or happy sighs is usually good sign :)