Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ Habits/mannerisms

What do you do when you get nervous or anxious? Scratch your nose, bite your nails, jiggle your leg or fidget?

What does your brother or best friend do? I'm a bit people watcher and love to see how people work and move. Even when I'm watching reality tv, I've seen a lot of excessive blinking, knuckle cracking, eye rolling, drumming fingers, hair flicking etc...

When I create a character I love to come up with quirky habits or mannerisms that sets that character apart from others or from the norm. Half the world bites their nails so that turns into a bit of a cliche if you only use that one. But how about some of these: humming without being aware of it, eating the entire way around your sandwich first, tapping teeth with a finger nail, gesturing wildly with hands while talking, not standing on pavement cracks... I'm interested in hearing your ideas too!

Actually I also get really annoyed by a few habits too eg: chewing gum with mouth open (yuck).

As for me when I answer the phone I use a different voice, I glance at my watch ALL THE TIME and I sniff (I HATE this particular one but it's really hard to get rid of) ;-)

What are your habits/mannerisms?

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  1. I think your little sniffs are cute :)
    I love thinking of new habits or quirks to give my characters. In the book I'm working on, I've given my MC quite a few different ones that she uses depending on her exact mood. It was really fun coming up with the all.
    Although avoiding cliches can be really hard.

    Great post.