Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Favourites - Best Friends

So this is a very sad week for me. My best friend is moving approx 10,000 kilometres away and we're not sure when we'll be in email contact... which if you knew us, is catastrophic... We email at least four times a day, but more likely ten times. That's what BFFs do when they live an hours drive away. So the fact she'll be in China and I'll be in New Zealand on a day to day basis won't be much different as we'll hopefully still email often (once it's all set up and working). BUT I am going to miss her face and miss giving her a hug. Because we'll be in different time zones that will also effect our contact. Hopefully the Chinese internet structure lets us video skype occasionally.

Apart from the distance, I know that being apart won't effect Melissa and my friendship in a bad way. We are true friends in every sense of the word. We really are sisters with different mothers.

I hope every girl has a best friend like I do. Like it takes a while to find the perfect guy... I had a few false starts with girls I thought were BFF material but they didn't work out, until I found Melissa. She is the real thing and she's all mine ;-)

So when we decided to write Forbidden Territory, Mica and Lexy's friendship was easy. We just mirrored it on our own. Even if those two girls find different guys or move to different ends of the earth, their friendship will endure, like mine and Melissa's.

Tell me about your best friend and what makes her special!!

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  1. Nice post :) I feel very lucky to have found a BFF in you too. You're the absolute best!!!

  2. Awww I wish I have the friendship you guys have!! You seem to be the best of friends!! Good luck to both of you! :D

    - juhina