Monday, January 28, 2013

How About You?

We love to find out what other people like to read, write or watch, so we're starting a "How About You?" section on the blog as well.

This month's topic is...

Places to read.

My all time favourite place to read is snuggled up in bed. Before I had kids, I'd often wake up on the weekend, reach for my book and read for a couple of hours. Ahhhh.... bliss!!

Although I don't get those weekend treats anymore, I still read every night before I go to sleep. It really is the best place in the world to lose yourself in a story.

So - how about you? Where's your favourite place to read?


  1. My favorite place to read in the whole world might sound a little weird let me give you a little background first.
    When I was little we used to spend summers with my grandma with some of our cousins so that meant a lot of kids and not enough quiet time to read.
    One day I discovered that they're bed had the perfect space for me to hide under it and so it started, me getting lost for an hour or two getting to read a little from a book, or just getting some quiet time.
    That place under their bed was my favorite place to read as a child because it was the first time I could really get lost in a book.

    1. I LOVE that story!! That is so cool :)
      Thanks for sharing :)