Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Chat With Book Reviewer - Sharon from Obsession With Books

This lady is one of my favourite reviewers. She writes such great reviews and I love the things she points out in a story.

It is my total pleasure to have her on YAlicious today :)

When did you first discover your love for reading? I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love and enjoy reading; I was a very nerdy child (nothing’s changed) and always had a book in my hand – my mother is constantly telling me I drove her crazy because I was off in fairy land with my books and she couldn’t get me to do anything or go anywhere.

What is your favourite genre now and why do you like? I enjoy a variety of genres and tend to change depending on my mood, at the moment it is Young Adult to include Paranormal, UF, Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopian and Sci-fi – all must have romance though.

How do you like to feel when you finish a book? It depends on the book, if it evokes a lot of emotion it tends to stay with me for a long while after but I always like to feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness whether it was from the characters getting a HEA or an issue being resolved. I’m not a big fan of books that make me feel down, confused or angered, I love a happy, euphoric and content feeling.

What do you like most about reviewing books for authors? Promoting a book I have read and loved by sharing my thoughts and encouraging others to hopefully pick it up and enjoy it as much as I have.

Where's your favourite place to read? I can read anywhere and everywhere J we have a few beautiful parks near my home which are so peaceful so on a quiet day I will take my book there to read otherwise I am snuggled up on our comfy lounge, at the moment it so cold so it’s with the heat going & usually a hot drink in hand.


A traditionally published author you love: Karen Marie Moning, Jennifer L. Armentrout

An indie author you love: M.R. Merrick, Marie Landry, Yourself!

One of your favourite YA books: Can I cheat & choose series ;) Covenant & Lux by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

One of your favourite Adult books: The Sea of Tranquility

A book you've read more than once and the reason why: I am obsessed with the Fever series by KMM so they are my go to books when I am in a slump or just want to revisit the amazing characters and story.

Thank-you, Melissa

It's my total pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us a little about yourself :)

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