Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review - Skin Deep by T. G. Ayer

Panther Shape-shifter Kailin Odel just wants to be normal. Leaving her clan, and her Alpha responsibilities, to live with her grandmother in Chicago had been the best thing for her. 

Only then did she discover her ability to track and kill the soul sucking undead creatures
called Wraiths. Now she protected the humans, and had something to be proud of.

But, when she discovers the body of a murdered shape shifter, Kailin has to come to terms
with the reality that her own kind are just as vulnerable as the humans. 

The closer Kailin gets to the killer the more she has to face the intricacies of her people.
When the time comes can she accept who and what her real purpose is?

Whenever I write a review for this lovely lady, I always start with the same thing... T. G. Ayer writes beautifully. I love the way she crafts her text. Her language and descriptions always make me smile. She paints a vivid picture and I appreciate this about her writing.

Skin Deep is a great story. The world T. G. Ayer has created is alive with conflict, tension and dark creatures. I could picture it all so clearly and was immediately drawn into Kailin's problems. Poor Kailin, she has a tough battle on her hands and things just keep going from bad to worse. Thankfully she can kick some serious butt and has the ability to become a panther. A panther! How cool is that!

Logan is a great love interest. I liked his character and as always, I wanted to see more of the two of them together. I like that Kailin calls on him and doesn't constantly push him away which sometimes happens with strong, self-sufficient females.

The only thing that made me wrinkle my nose when reading this book was the violence. I found some of it a little too much for my tastes, and that is simply a matter of opinion. Because T. G. Ayer is so good at describing everything, the scenes really jumped out at me and there are some pretty full on things that happen in this story. 

If you're looking for a novel set in a dark world, with a plethora of fascinating characters and a healthy dose of other worldly magic, then you should definitely check out Skin Deep.

4 stars from me.



  1. Its a beautiful cover... it matches the book description fantastically well. I'm certainly intrigued. I reckon I would love Skin Deep :D
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

  2. The book sounds really awesome. I'm a sucker for shape shifters, which goes without saying, since I write about them, heh. I'm adding Skin Deep to my TBR list. And I love this cover! Stunning.

    1. I know. The cover is SOOO gorgeous :)
      I think you'd really love this book, Angela :)