Monday, June 10, 2013

COVER LOVE - featuring Mae I Design

A few authors I know have used this talented lady for their covers and every time they do a reveal I am blown away by how beautiful the covers are.

So I thought I'd get in touch with Regina Wamba and see if she'd like to visit YAlicious and tell us a little about her awesome work.

Welcome to YAlicious, Regina. It is so incredibly cool to have you here :)

1. When did you discover your passion for photography and graphic design? 
Oddly enough. I've always been an artist. Started taking pictures in high school, did friends, seniors, and weddings through college, and then in 2009 I re-discovered my love for reading and kind of fell into cover design which is now a whole new creative venture. :D

2. What is your favourite part of the process? 
Designing. I love taking a flat image and adding in the effects, and making a story come to life. :D

3. What types of questions do you ask authors when you are designing a cover for them? 
What kind of story is it? Anything special I need to know about? Do you need a wrap or just e-cover? Do you have a vision?

4. Do you have a weakness for certain types of images, fonts or colours on your covers?
I have a weakness for color. I love color. I am a very NEON kind of person. haha. BUT I only use colors on a cover that will convey a certain message to the right audience. :D

5. Could you share one or two of your favourite covers - the ones you are most proud of and tell us why you love them so much.
Well, The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden is a favorite for a whole list of reasons.
1. The photography is my own. 
2. My brother is featured (Kayden).
3. I got a one sentence line from Jessica about the book. "there is a kissing scene in the rain" is what I got. :D
4. The passion on the cover is realistic and classy. I love that you FEEL that PULL of love, and desperation from the cover. :D
5. I love that it is got a small grunge appeal to it. This helps convey that it has a very realistic story line. Talks about some very deep things.
6. It will be available in like 12 different countries, and on the shelves in August. Which I am extremely proud of. :D

It's hard to  pick a second, as this one happens to be the closest to my heart. :D

6. Who are some graphic designers you look up to?
Well, not necessary a graphic designer.. but Bob Ross was a huge inspiration growing up! I could watch him for hours. :D

7. Who are some of your favourite authors to read?
Love Brynn Meyers, JR Ward, Cassandra Clare, JK Rowling, Lauren Kate, Cambria Hebert, Charlain Harris, John Corwin, Libba Bray

8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend time with family (three kids and a hubby) and friends. Love to travel, take pictures, draw, paint, and learn (oddly enough, I crave learning)

9. Where is your favourite place to work?
When it's warm, outside. :D

10. What are your favourite types of pictures to take? (Faces, nature, sunsets - that kind of thing) :)
People. LOVE people, their story, their emotions, it's just personal. :D

If you'd like to find out more about Regina and her Mae I Design business, you can follow the links below.