Thursday, November 21, 2013

Guest Post: The Indie Guide: A Self-Publisher's Toolbox

Today we have the author of The Indie Guide: A Self-Publisher's Toolbox, Heather Hildenbrand, as a guest author on the blog!
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Three years ago, I self-published my first novel, a YA high fantasy titled, Across the Galaxy. I had a whole lot of enthusiasm and determination and not a single CLUE. Not about publishing, not about marketing; not a single scrap of knowledge about how to sell a book. I didn’t have a teacher either. At least not one that knew me as their student. I taught myself with the help of lots of friends (and sometimes what turned out to be foes) along the way. I learned from every mistake, misstep, and misinformation. I’ve made the world’s most awesome friends and met some of the most amazing people that would go anywhere and do anything for me. On a regular basis, I get awesome letters from fans ranting either for or against the latest plot twists, advising me how the next book should end, and even telling me how my books and/or blog has inspired them to write and publish their own novel.
Not a single bit of what I just mentioned ever gets old. Like, ever.
Publishing is a business that shifts and turns and reforms every few months from the ground up. It has trends and highs and lows and emerging authors and new genres and quirks and the tried and true. There’s always something new to learn and based on my experience, there always will be.
Not a single bit of that gets old, either.
But it also never firms up. There’s always going to be the “latest thing” and “the best way” to tackle some avenue of the publishing biz. And there are always going to be new or aspiring authors coming into this completely wet behind the ears like I was.
I get messages every month from new writers picking my brain about how it’s all done. And I answer them because I want them to have what I didn’t. (That clue, remember? Here, take one. Pass it around.)
About three months ago, after conversing back and forth with another up-and-coming author, I realized how much I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gleaned from my publishing journey. Like, really and truly, LOVE to help others get where I am (work in my PJs, get my kids on and off the bus every day, make FT income. Yeah, my life rocks!). And I wanted a way to do it as often as possible in between my OTHER favorite pastime of writing books. So, I came up with this:
This past week, I launched a new company called Phoenix: Author Ink. It is a company designed to help aspiring authors take the next step. Whatever that “next step” might be for you. Whether it’s finishing or polishing your story, deciding whether to query or go straight to uploading your story yourself, or getting me on the phone for an hour of Q&A so you can pick my brain about how to meet reviewers or how to build a brand or “what the heck do I blog about?” – Wherever you are in the journey, I want to help! I thrive on it! Watching you get out there with an awesome story makes me smile. And smiling is one of my favorite things. =)

And as a thank-you-slash-I-am-so-excited-to-be-here gift, I am offering one lucky winner the chance to work one-on-one with me for ONE MONTH of encouraging, butt-kicking, accountability-induced inspirational COACHING and HELP as you get ready to publish or boost your marketing platform HUGELY. You will get multiple phone consultations and in-depth planning sessions and at the end of the 30 days, you will feel so much better, more focused, and excited about your business!

There are also two awesome prize packs with signed books up for grabs, because, yeah, BOOKS. It’s why we’re here. I hope you’ll spread the word about Phoenix as well as The Indie Author Guide and get yo’self entered to win! Good Luck!

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