Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hot New Release Giveaway!

The Hot New Releases Giveaway is celebrating the new releases from authors: Brina Courtney, Lizzy Ford, Cambria Hebert, Anna Cruise, J.A. Huss, L.P. Dover, TG Ayer, Rebecca Ethington, Melissa Pearl, Wendy Owens, Kelly Walker, Alivia Anders, Wendy Owens, Ella James, Rick Chiantaretto, Lola StVil and Holly Hook! In honor of all of these amazing releases we are giving away a Kindle!
Twisted by Holly Hook - December 15th
Guardians: The Shoma by Lola StVil - Released November 1st
Text by Cambria Hebert - Released November 8th
Panic by JA Huss - Released October 15th
It Was Us by Anna Cruise - November 11th
I Am Just Junco Omnibus by JA Huss - Released November 4th
Trusting You by LP Dover - Released October 8th
Return (I am Not Junco) - December 2nd
Dead Chaos by TG Ayer - Released October 30th
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