Monday, January 20, 2014

Author Highlight & Giveaway: Simone Elkeles

One of my favorite YA authors of all time, the lady who got me totally hooked on YA reading was Simone Elkeles. I started with Perfect Chemistry and quickly fell in love. I have read all her books now. She has a flair to her writing that I just adore. Her characters are easy to fall in love with, her conflicts are real, there's always heightened tension and drama, spiced up with a little humor. They are everything I look for in a book.

I wanted to take a few minutes today to highlight her different series and because it's Monday, I'll be giving away a couple of Simone Elkeles e-books.

The first two books I read and loved were:

Perfect Chemistry

Rules of Attraction

This is an excellent series. I read these books so fast and ended up re-reading them only a month or so after I was done. I just could not get the characters out of my head.


A very light series that was really funny and I definitely enjoyed was the Ruined Series:

Filled with lots of humor and sexy tension between the two main characters, I really got lost in these stories as well.


And then the Paradise 2-book series is well worth a read:

Again, great sexual tension between two characters that were wounded and real. I loved their back stories and the way life had affected them both made their romance so much more powerful.


Her latest book, Wild Cards, was awesome. I really, really loved it and I will be giving away an e-copy of it for the Weekly Winner giveaway this week. I'm also going to throw in an e-copy of Perfect Chemistry :)

So that's a very small tribute to an author who has inspired and entertained me throughout the last few years. 

Thanks for writing such great novels, Simone Elkeles. You are a legend :)

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  1. Love Simone & Wild Cards! Great post

    1. Thanks, Marcia :D I'm a huge fan you can probably tell ;) lol :D