Monday, January 13, 2014

Author Highlight - PATTI LARSEN

It is my total pleasure to have Patti Larsen visit YAlicious today. When I was first starting out in the indie publishing world, I read a post by her that totally inspired me and I've been watching her progress ever since.

Author of a myriad of books, Patti Larsen is Purely Paranormal and an author who has done all us indie's proud.

Today she is visiting with two Top 5's and thanks to her amazing generosity has also provided the Weekly Winner prize pack for not just one, but THREE people.

Thank you so much for joining us on YAlicious today, Patti. It's awesome to have you :)

About Patti Larsen:

You’re not looking for my polished bio, huh? You sure you want more? The real dirty, down deep, nitty gritty? Fair enough. Here goes: I’m a card-carrying nerd. It’s taken years to admit it. I’m also a hermit in a writing basement who prefers solitude to people (cats always welcome). I’m a writing fiend who hears the voices of teenagers and blushes at the S-E-X parts. I don’t sleep very well. Ever. My mind is too busy. I am a feline loving married woman who could easily end up a crazy cat lady if my husband would let me. I am a paradigm shifter, a believer in self and my own personal power. I see everything in black and white until the gray is explained to me. I am a fiercely loyal friend, a confidant and a Tarot card reader and intuitive. I am a proud geek fangirl, a total dweeb and can’t dance to save my soul. I am terrified of heights and challenge that fear every chance I get. Oh, and I’m the Creator. The Queen of my own Destiny. I love that.

You can find me all over the Internet

Five of My Favorite Characters

This was actually very hard and I had to force myself to choose only characters who had their own series.

1. Sydlynn Hayle, hands down. Though she resists her power at first, who wouldn’t want to be a teen witch with tons of power and two hot guys vying for you?

2. Reid from the Hunted series. No matter the circumstances, he never quits, never gives up and looks out for those who need him.

3. Trio (Clone Three), partly because she’s so determined despite how broken she is. Memory lost, she perseveres, even learns to love in a post-apocalyptic world dying around her. Tragic but heroic.

4. Auburdeen Hayle, great-great-great grandmother of Sydlynn Hayle. She’s funny, brave and adventurous. I love how she throws herself into danger without thinking about the consequences.

5. Fresco Conte’s journey always breaks my heart, from a football hero to a drug addict dying on the street, his strength and determination still surprise me.

You can find all of my top five characters in Purely Paranormal, a collection of first books in five series:

Five things I Love about my Job

1. Working from home, so on icy cold days I can stay inside and be toasty warm (can you tell it’s winter in my part of the world?)

2. Being a creator, exploring worlds and lives I would never have the chance to experience.

3. Meeting amazing readers and other fabulous writers (thanks for having me, Melissa!) and especially finding out authors you admire like your work, too :)

4. Being in control of my own destiny, being my own boss. It’s amazing.

5. Making a living doing what I always wanted. What’s not to love?

I couldn't agree more. I feel lucky every day to be writing :)

Thank you so much for sharing a piece of yourself with us and thank you for your generosity, Patti.

If you'd like to win an e-copy of Purely Paranormal, plus one of Patti's pendant key chains, please enter the giveaway below. Winner will be announced on Sunday.

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