Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favourites - Book Titles

Well Brenda and I have FINALLY come up with a title for our YA Action/Thriller/Romance. Look out for Forbidden Territory coming later in the year.

As we discussed different titles we had to think about what we liked. We needed something that would hint at the essence of the book, something that would look good on the cover and both of us like titles that are short and sharp. So Forbidden Territory was our final choice.

I thought it would be a good topic for this week's Friday Favourites.

Brenda likes Twilight and I understand why. There is a certain sense of mystery and elegance to it. It sounds great.

I like so many, but the first one that popped into my head was Uncommon Criminal. As soon as I heard it, it got me thinking. Who's the criminal? What makes them so uncommon? What kind of criminal is uncommon? What do they do to make them so special?
Two little words and it immediately evoked four questions. To me, that's a good title.

What are your favourite titles and what do you like about them?
Are there any books out there, that you've heard the title and just thought - I have to read that!


  1. While it doesn't fall into YA necessarily I have just finished an autobiography by New Zealander, Andrew Fagan. Kiwis might know him as the lead singer of The Mockers or as co host on RadioLive. I don't know if I bought the book because of the title, but I thought it is particularly suitable title on several levels.

    Swirly World (HarperCollins 2001), in many ways is the 'too obvious' choice for this books title. The heady world of rock star is too far removed from mine to really know for sure, but life on the road, performing before gyrating throngs and all associated excesses must surely be a swirly existence.

    Contrasting this very public life, Fagan obediently heeds the call of the sea in a tiny vessel called, you guessed it, Swirly World. He embarks on extended passages that few in much larger, better equipped vessels would not undertake. The solo sailor exists on 20 minute cat naps when conditions permit; they just exist when conditions don't. Days lose their labels as lesser known units prevail. He describes the effects of extreme exhaustion as OD'ing on F (fatigue).

    Reading bout Fagan's achievements are inspirational. He seems like a very down to earth bloke for a Rock Star and accomplished mariner.

    A swirly existence on a swirly realm, aboard Swirly World.

    1. Sounds like a great book. I LOVE the title, that is super cool :)