Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favourites - Characters

Brenda Howson and I are getting together in a few days to have a big chat about our co-authored book. I'm SUPER excited. We are getting it ready for release later in the year and have some final edits and tweaks to do. We are so close to finishing!

I LOVE the characters in this book. I write the character of Mica and Brenda writes as Lexy. As we've worked on this project (between babies and life in general), I have totally fallen in love with these two girls. When it comes to personality, they are polar opposites, yet best friends. They share everything together and have lived through many ups and downs... but their biggest challenge is yet to come.

I can't wait for everyone to meet them.

All my excitement has got me thinking...

Which characters have you fallen in love with over the years? Which characters have you read or watched on screen and been so taken with that you almost think they're real? If you're a writer, have you ever written a character that you know will stay with you forever?

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday :)


  1. Some of my favorite characters...

    from books: Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy and Anne Elliot from Persuasion

    from movies: Simon and Nicole from How to Steal a Million (one of my all time favorite movies). Not that they seem real--they don't. But they fit together like a hand and glove.

  2. Katniss is awesome and I love LOVE the movie version of Persuasion. It's my favourite out of the Jane Austen series :)

    Must watch How to Steal a Million.