Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ Point of View

Melissa and I were blessed with a few days away from our older kids and husbands this week. We spent the time hanging out, looking after our babies and writing. I LOVED it. Anyway with all the writing it got me thinking about point of view. (Definitions below)

First person - the story is narrated by a character, who reveals the plot through their eyes.
Second person (I don't actually remember having read one from this POV) - the narrator refers to one of the characters as 'you', making you feel part of the story.
Third person - the story is told basically by a God-like figure who can see everything and know what everyone is thinking!

Usually I'm a third person POV writer but I've been writing first person POV this week and it's so much fun getting into one characters head so thoroughly. When it comes to picking a favourite though, I struggle.

When I'm reading I really love being able to get into a characters head in first person POV, but if I don't actually like the protagonist, it can be suffocating being stuck in that characters head. Third person POV on the other hand is fun as you get to see what all the characters think but it doesn't hold much mystery.

What is your favourite to write and to read?

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  1. That's a tough question. I like both 1st and 3rd for writing and reading. Like you said, it can depend on the protagonist. I also like the method where it's first person, but follows more than one character. I've just read The Help by Kathryn Stockett and she did that. It was really cool.

    Great post :)
    LOVED our weekend!!