Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Favourites - Fight scenes

Before I get started with FF this week, I just want to say... Cooks Beach was AWESOME!! There is nothing cooler than hanging out with your bestie non-stop for 4 days. Love it :)

Now ironically, I'm going to talk about fight scenes... something that never happens between me and my bestie, but something I really love reading or watching on screen.

Am I crazy?

I just love a good fight scene. Do you?

There's something so exciting about being caught up in a fight, whether it's physical or verbal, on the pages or on the screen. Your emotions are stretched to their limit. You are either heart broken or elated... and it's those moments in a story that have you hooked.

For me, there is something so alluring about two people battling it out... especially if it's a guy fighting to save his girl. Yeah, yeah, I know - I'm a romantic sap!!

But come on - you can't pass up the moment in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves when Robin catapults himself over a castle wall and runs through the hallways shouting "Marion!" only to battle it out to the death with the Sheriff in order to save her life. (Okay - hands up if you think that sentence is too long!) But you get the idea - it's cool!

Or what about that moment in Twilight when Edward arrives in the ballet studio just in time to save Bella.

Or that moment when Ren finally gets to punch the crap out of Chuck in Footloose.

It's those times you want to throw your hands in the air and cheer. It's those moments when true character is revealed. When everything is put on the line and the MC finally finds what they need to fight it out and win the thing they crave the most.

What kind of fights do you enjoy?
Do you enjoy them? If so - what is it that makes them so enticing?


  1. I love all the fight scenes you mentioned and I also love fiery verbal fights.. but the passionate kind not the mean kind.
    It's the tension a fight provides that makes them so enticing. Who would want to watch a movie or read a book that has no tension. BORING!

    1. I agree. Fights are really essential, aren't they.