Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ Jewellery

I'm not a BIG jewellery person, but I do wear a few things daily, in fact I probably never take them off: watch, wedding rings, earring studs and my twisted maori carving pendant from my bestie. I do have about 20 different pendants, mostly very cheap and from countries I've visited, but they only really come out for special occasions.

When I'm writing though I'm not sure I always remember that my characters probably wear jewellery too and should be mentioned. Like sucking on their pendant (which I constantly do) or something. Perhaps another character fiddles with their watch or is constantly beeping the buttons.

At the same time it's important that the jewellery suits your character and fits with the story. No point making a list of all your characters jewellery if it has no bearing on the story.

Can you remember any books that have important jewellery or if it's even mentioned?
The only one that jumps to mind for me right now is the Twilight books where Jake gives Bella that little carved wolf and does she wear it on a bracelet?

Have a great weekend


  1. Good point! I don't know if I do mention jewellery much, but it is something very cool to use. I'm always fiddling with my necklaces when I wear them or pushing my rings on and off.

    I must remember this when I'm writing :)

    Great post.

  2. In the novel I'm writing, A Time In Paradise, there is a Hawaiian heirloom bracelet given to my protagonist Jade by her grandmother. I'm using it to tie in a cultural tradition from the islands.