Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favourites - Eye Candy

I think I speak for many authors when the idea of seeing their book turned into a movie would be a total dream come true.

For me that would be the ultimate. I see my stories as movies in my head all the time. I love watching the action sequences play out and I love finding actors that look a little like my characters do.

So today I thought I'd do a tribute to all the male leads out there and talk about eye candy. Who do you like to watch on screen? And if you're a writer, who do imagine playing the roles of your, oh so dreamy, male love interests.

I'm going to start with Eli, Mica's love interest in Forbidden Territory. To me he looks like a young version of Tom Welling - you know when he first hit the scene as Superman. Ahhhhh :)

Another actor that I love watching on screen and am hoping to write into a story eventually is Taylor Lautner. I really loved him in Abduction. He was so athletic and gorgeous.

Now - I could go on forever on this post, there is a lot of beauty out there, but I'm going to finish with Penn Badgley. I just watched Easy A the other night (LOVE that movie) and the more I work on Betwixt, the more I picture this guy as my Dale :)

So - who do you like watching on screen? Who do you like writing into your stories, just so you can see them move around your imaginary world?

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