Monday, May 21, 2012

A Taste Test Blog Tour - Meet CJ

Welcome to day one of A Taste Test Blog Tour. The author I’d like to introduce today is C. J. Duggan. Author of the Boys of Summer due for release in December 2012.

The question I have for CJ today is: Who is the Favourite Character You’ve Written and Why?

Wow! That is like asking to choose between my future mythical unborn children. What a tough question.

For some reason I am instantly drawn to all my snarky arrogant characters. There is a character I have written based on one of my original concepts in a Paranormal Romance I penned a few years ago. He is a snarky Vamp called Alec Suleman; he dresses from the 1880’s but is addicted to music from the 1980’s. He is very dethatched but egotistical. He tends to look upon humans as lower class making his interactions with the main character Jane, a straight-laced Librarian such good fun to write. They have a love hate relationship filled with snarky banter and lots of sexual tension I mean what’s not to love?

You always know a good, strong character when they are easy to write, when they inhabit you and take over with the story. Alec for me is that kind of character and I love telling his story.

Thanks CJ.

The Boys of Summer is due for release in December 2012
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Happy touring everyone :)

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