Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Taste Test Blog Tour - Meet Heather

Welcome to day three of A Taste Test Blog Tour. The author I’d like to introduce today is Heather/Nolia. Author of Wiccan Wars.

The questions I have for Heather today are: Tell us the blurb of the first story you ever started writing?

Wow, that was so long ago that I don’t even remember!  The first book I can remember writing was about a teen girl who ran away from home with a strange guy.  They ended up across the country and got sucked into some kind of kidnapping plot and the girl ends up shooting and killing the bad guy.  It was terrible and will never, ever be read by anyone other than me.  I'm quite sure it's the most awful thing in the world.  Of course, there's another one I wrote around the same time that takes place on a cruise ship...

And what are your Future Plans?

I have so many books in the works that I can’t even keep up!  I’m currently focused on a paranormal romance/horror entitled “The House”, as well as the sequel to my highly rated debut novel (“The Temple”), called “The Trickster”.  Also, another sequel (to “Abigail”), “Angel”.  The first in a witchcraft mystery series called “Mother of All”, as well as a thriller titled "Disembodied".  Those are just the ones I'm actually focusing on--the list of ideas goes on even longer!

Thanks Heather!

Wiccan Wars release date: August 2012

To find out more about Heather/Nolia and enter to win one of seven prize packs, please check out the links below.
Happy touring everyone :)

Check back tomorrow because it's MY TURN!!! 

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