Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blog posts for August

Dear readers and friends

Due to Melissa moving to China and being offline for a month we will be dropping down to two posts a week on our blog. Mondays and Fridays (or Tuesdays and Saturdays for my fellow Kiwis).

Melissa flew out yesterday. I went to the airport and there were lots of tears... I'm still feeling a jagged hole in my chest, I miss my friend.

I'm busily trying to fill up my diary so I have less time to miss her. What I really need to do is get stuck into my next book.

I saw a blog post that was challenging everyone to write for 15 mins a day for the month of August. I really want to take that challenge. When I was at work before kids, I would put earbuds in my ears, sit in the corner of the staffroom at lunch and write on my laptop for a full half hour every day. I miss that.
Let me know if you're up for the challenge.

Stay cool til afterschool (who remembers what tv show that is from?)


  1. awwww, sorry you're feeling blue :( but def do the writing challenge ;)

    I loved Oly Olsen, I used to watch his show all the time :)

    1. You're a kindred spirit!! Oly Olsen was awesome! x

  2. So glad you went to airport wanted to go too but couldnt get there. Missing them too, thank God for the internet so it will be easy to keep in touch, and that they will be back for Christmas.