Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favourites - Indie Authors

Because this month is all about the Author-fest, I thought a good Friday Favourite would be authors. This week I want to look at indie authors. Do you have a favourite?

I've read some pretty good, some pretty excellent and some okay indie authors in my time.

The few that pop to mind as favourites are:

- C. M. Keller (Screwing Up Time & Screwing Up Babylon - releasing soon.)

- Cindy M. Hogan (Watched)

- T. G. Ayer (Dead Radiance & Dead Embers)

- Patti Larsen (Fresco) - Okay I haven't finished reading Fresco yet, but I started reading it last night and am loving it so much, I think it will be a winner :)

I will definitely be keeping track of these authors and working my way through their books.

How about you?
Are there any indie authors you just love and will read whatever they publish?


  1. I LOVE T.G. Ayer too, and will eagerly devour anything she writes!!
    The same can be said for this awesome author I met once, Melissa Pearl - super sweet and wonderfully talented!!

    I have a couple of Patti Lawson books on my Kindle but have yet to read them :( and I am going to look up C.M Keller and and Cindy. M Hogan shortly :)

    I read and loved The Chosen One Trilogy by Mireille Chester, and have all her other books on my TBR pile, waiting!!
    But she's also really sweet and doesn't mind a fangirl email or two!!

    I have found with some indie authors that while the writing may be a little unpolished and sometimes a bit bumpy to read, they often have the freshest ideas, the best thought out and most interesting stories that wrap themselves around your heart. I'm definitely a big fan of the indie author :)

    Great post Melissa <3

    1. Awwww - you are so sweet :)

      I must check out Mireille Chester. Thanks for sharing :)

      I think your comments about indie authors having fresh ideas is awesome. I must say, one thing I love about being indie is that I control all my ideas and if I'm suddenly inspired I can just go with it. I really enjoy that freedom :)

    2. I hope you didn't think I was saying that yours or Tee's books are bumpy or unpolished!!
      Both of you have produced some of the best indie books I have read :)(and my favorite reads this year!!)

      I'd hate to have someone tell me that I needed to change an aspect of my story...I'm glad that you have all the control :)

    3. Not at all, Cath :) LOL. I know you love our stuff and we are SO grateful for that. You always make my day with your awesome opinions of my work. I can't tell you how much it means :) xx