Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Favourites - Guys Who Can Kick Some Butt

As part of the YA Indie Carnival this week, I had to post about who would be a good competitor in the Hunger Games - either from your own writing or books you've read. It was a really fun post to compose and it got me thinking.

A little while ago a did a post about girls who could kick butt. Now it's time to talk about the guys.

Who is your favourite guy from a book you've read or a movie you've seen that can really kick some butt?

Firstly I'd have to choose Dom, from the Time Spirit Trilogy. He is a strong, powerful character who can knock a guy flat with one punch. I really do love Dom :)

I also really like John Smith from I Am Number Four. Admittedly he is an alien, but he's pretty awesome.
I cannot ignore some of the characters in Twilight. Jasper is my favourite fighter. I really love his backstory and the way he trains the others. Very cool.

So - what do you think?
Who have I missed?


  1. I must be old because I much prefer John Smith's dad in the movie version of I Am Number Four (I LOVE Timothy Olyphant - he kicks much ass with the most laid back way on "Justified.")

    But since this is YA, I'm going to go with a Salvatore brother from The Vampire Diaries series. Either one works, although it's an unfair advantage they have superspeed.

    1. I LOVE Tim Olyphant as well, he's a total fav of mine :) Love him in the Girl Next Door - even though he plays a bad guy, he's pretty funny.

      The Salvatore brothers - nice choice :)