Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ shoes, boots, heels

The only thing I'm looking forward to about winter is being about to wear my absolutely favourite boots in the whole world!!! I've even considered getting a second pair 'just in case' these ones wear out soon. And scarily I've just seen a new colour released this year... eeeekk!

I was reading a facebook post recently about how many shoes girls have. This particular friend of mine has 20 pairs (!!!) of those those she wears 13 pairs regularly. WOW. We have just had summer in New Zealand and I have worn a total of 1 pair! I literally LIVED in my jandals (sometimes called thongs or flip flops). In winter I'll live in my ugg boots and doc boots as above.

I'd love to be one of those people that get to wear sexy heels and other funky shoes, but being a mum of young kids means I don't get out much... but one day...

My favourite shoes as a kid were a type of barter bullet. Kinda like a converse shoe. They were white and had reflective colourful stripes on the sides. They were so cool and I loved them!!

Anyway of all the books I've read recently I've hardly read any mention of shoes. Are shoes important in literature? Do shoes define a character? Would a goth wear heeled pink shoes or a nerd wear clunky black docs? I think shoes are very important, we use them to define ourselves, they are also very useful to make shorter people (me) taller :-)

What are your favourite type of shoes? and What do you want your shoes to say about you?


  1. I totally think shoes define a character. I LOVE shoes... maybe I should be mentioning them more in my writing :) Great post :)

  2. Now you have me thinking how much I play with shoes in my writing, because just like clothes and hair, shoes totally define characters. They're a point I don't always think much about (I'm a running shoe freak, but beyond that...) Great food for thought.

    1. Glad to feed your soul :-)
      It's definitely making me think about more than just clothes!! Thanks for stopping by!!