Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ Type of guy

I've been thinking about what sort of guy I like as the hero. Do I like them brave or cocky? Strong or sensitive?
Do we have to be attracted to the guy in a book to like the story?

Obviously Edward in Twilight is gorgeous, but is he too perfect? I must say, I got tired of Stephanie Meyer always describing him so perfectly, I know he's a vampire, but COME ON... no one is that perfect. No wonder Bella had a complex about why he even liked her! Jacob on the other hand, was described rather plainly and it wasn't until the movie came out that 'Team Jacob' started.

In Forbidden Territory (our book due out in July) we have two completely different guys. One is strong and independent and a total spunk. The other is more sensitive and a gentler type of guy. It is fun to write different kinds of guys... but I would be interested to hear what the reader prefers. Are you an Edward person (gorgeous, talented, sensitive) or Jacob (muscles, tough, cocky)?

In a book do looks matter? Or can you get away with a plain boy with an awesome personality?
Let us know your thoughts. If you know other teens, send them to our page so we can get their thoughts too!!


  1. Awesome post!! I'm always attracted to guys with strong personalities that can take charge. They don't have to be gorgeous, but it does help. Like you, I really don't like them too perfect. I also like a guy who's not afraid to say I love you if he really means it. Nothing wrong with a few words of affection every now and then :)

  2. Nothing wrong with a plain guy in a story. It's all in the description. I'll agree, Stephenie Meyer did get a bit over the top with her descriptions of Edward. It wasn't the descriptions so much, it was the reaction that Bella had, and it was repeated too much throughout the story like "omg his body was to die for, drool" and the "he's so beautiful he's not real" thing.

    I like it when authors describe a character in a general sort of way, but the mention a certain trait that makes him special to the main character. Like his hair falls a certain way, or his smile was crooked (although that's been done to death.) Or even the way he acts/reacts. For me personally it helps me connect with the character and see what the other characters in the story see in him/her.