Tuesday, August 7, 2012

eBook or Paperback?

Things are changing fast with books. 20% of books read are ebooks, where as a couple of years ago only 1% were ebooks. That's a HUGE jump.

I read both, but because I don't have an ipad or kindle, I do tend to read paperbacks more often. But I do LOVE how you can read in the dark with an 'E' device! How cool is that? No longer will parents everywhere have to tell kids to turn their lights off and put the book away, because they won't know! Also gone are the days of reading under the covers by flashlight :-)

Pros of ebooks: they are cheap and you can download them in seconds and read them instantly!
Pros of paperbacks: You can see how close you are to the end, they smell good and you get to use your funky bookmarks.

Cons of ebooks: you need some type of device to read them AND a power source
Cons of paperbacks: you have to go to a bookstore or order online and wait before you can read them.

As a teen I could sometimes read three (small) novels a day. I was rather obsessed with those 'sweet dreams' or 'sweet valley high' books. Imagine if I had an ipad back then, I wouldn't have had to wait for them to come into the library or bookstore. Instant books! I would have NEVER got any sleep.

What are the books YOU are obsessed with? And do you prefer ebook or paperback? 

I love hearing from you!


  1. I was a SVH freak too. LOVED those books :)

    I like reading on my Kindle, alot, but there's also something gorgeous about the smell of paper and holding a book in your hands. Ahhh - love that feeling :)

  2. I'm definitely an e convert. I have read just one paperback in the last year and a half, and must prefer to use my Kindle. It's amazing. I no longer have to worry about late fines at my library, I no longer have to brave the book store with kids in tow. I can access books quickly and easily and cheaply, too. I have spent more money on books since getting my Kindle than I have in the last 5 years combined.

    Oh and I used to love those SVH books too!

  3. I love both. Kindle for convenience.... but my house is still littered with books. Kindles are great while breastfeeding too!

  4. Great post! I love my kindle more and more everyday. I initally bought it to go overseas and not bring a bunch of books with me. And then as a perk I could accept ebooks for review, but now I am obssessed with it. I love being able to just carry it with me and I have a lot of my review books at my disposal. I still love paperback books for my collection but my kindle is just so convienent!

  5. I used to say ebooks. But the longer I have it, I find I am buying so many books and forget they are on my kindle. The actual books I know I haven't read, I see on a daily basis. Kindle books are cheaper and I just buy too many because of it. Just sayin....