Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favourite - Blogs to follow

Betwixt is preparing for a blog tour. A Tale of Many Reviews is hosting it for me and so far we've had quite a few sign ups. Squee!!

So anyway - as I'm getting all excited about this upcoming tour, I started to think about some of my favourite blogs to follow and what attracts me to them.

The first one that jumps to mind is Refracted Light Reviews. Dani started the blog and then brought two more reviewers on with her - Heather and Aly. It is such a gorgeous blog. I love the design, the posts always look gorgeous and the reviews are always thorough and well thought out. I subscribe to receive updates by e-mail and I always love flicking through the latest posts.

Another blog I look at daily is Indies Unlimited. I love the variety of their posts. Each day there are five posts put up and there is always something interesting to read or learn. I love that there are so many contributing authors. There is a wealth of knowledge to be shared and support to be given, and I think IU does a fantastic job of this.

There are screeds of other blogs I follow, but those two were the first that jumped to mind. I guess it tells me that I like blogs to be visually appealing, have well thought out posts that contain information that will teach me something or lead me to an excellent read.

What do you look for in a blog?
Do you have a favourite blog that you love to check in on frequently?


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