Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favourites - Chocolate

What is it about chocolate? Even the word sounds delicious? When my bestie moved to China two days ago it was definitely a chocolate day. Chocolate is my new friend, who keeps me company and warms my tummy ;-)

Do you have a food 'friend' for those sad times or happy times? Something that always makes you feel better, even if you eat the whole KING SIZE bar?

My other absolute favourite is pineapple lumps. Not sure if they are available world wide, but they are soooo good. If there is a packet in my house, it is just not safe. (Pineapple lumps are lollies flavoured like pineapple, covered in chocolate). Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Have a great weekend, everyone.

PS Word from Melissa: she's arrived safely and busy getting settled and unpacking.

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