Monday, August 20, 2012


We're taking a leap off writing and reading today to talk about geo-caching. The most fun sport in the world, especially for those of us who aren't exactly Olympic medal performers :-)

My husband introduced me to geo-caching after stumbling across the geo-cache website seven years ago. All we needed was a GPS and a sense of adventure. Check. Check. So off we went. We keyed the coordinates for our very first cache into our GPS and followed the little pointed arrow. At first we wandered along the path, then suddenly we were in the wild bush on the edge of a cliff... okay so we didn't sign up for abseiling or rock climbing... where had we gone wrong?

Tip # 1 - When geo caching. Double check you've entered the coordinates correctly ;-)

So now the coordinates were entered correctly we retraced our steps until we found the correct cache location.
I guess at this point I should explain a bit about what geo-caching is. It's pretty much treasure hunting for adults. Instead of a map, you use a GPS with number coordinates which direct you to a bush or rock or tree where the treasure is hidden.
So the GPS gets to within about a metre of the hidden cache, that's when you have to start searching. It took us a wee while (being our first and all) until we found it hidden by a fence post. It was a small plastic container filled with a notebook for recording your find and little treasures you can swap out with a treasure you bring along. FUN FUN FUN.

So after doing a few of these treasure hunts with our best friends, we decided it would make an awesome book. Teenagers geo-caching but running into some trouble in the book; with romance of course. Can't have a book without some romance. That's how 'Forbidden Territory' was born.

If you haven't tried out geo-caching yet, check out this website for more info: and let us know how you get on. Of course you can also check out our book to find out about Mica and Lexy and how their first geo-caching hunt went!

Until next time
Zealous Girl (Photos = me and Melissa geo-caching in Te Anau)

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