Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life is too busy when you don't have time to read

I'm trying to remember the last book I read :-(
Actually it was a ARC copy of Melissa's book 'Betwixt' due out in December but apart from that my mind in blank. How sad is that? (by the way, add BETWIXT to your to read lists, it's AWESOME!)

My life is too busy. You'd think as a stay at home mum I'd have lots of time.... NOPE. Even as I write this I'm multi tasking: cooking dinner, playing with my daughter and finishing a graphic design job for a friend.

The problem with not working in a normal job is you get asked to do a lot... Let me count the ways I volunteer: plunket, street community group, church, helping out friends... then are my hobbies: writing, sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting (I could go on and on actually). And not to forget my at home jobs: housework, cooking, washing, kidlets. It's a shame I have to sleep otherwise I could probably just about get everything done.

Oh and I totally forgot blogging. I NEED MORE TIME.

I've started taking a few hours a week to organise my house to try and cut down tidying each week and perhaps gain myself a few more hours. Hopefully that works :-)

What fills your time? How do you find time to read or write?

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  1. I so know that feeling of being too busy. I read at night before I go to sleep. No matter how tired I am, I make myself read. Some nights I only get through one page, but at least I'm reading :)

    You're an amazing mother. Keep up the great work, chick. Your time will come!