Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favourites ~ Baddies

Imagine a story without a baddie. The girl and guy fall in love, nothing stands in their way, they live happily ever after. The end. BORING!

Books need a baddie or a bad situation to give the story tension, oomph and the plot. Tension works with conflict to raise the emotional level of the story to a boiling point. It forces the reader to become invested in the story.

Imagine a book written from the antagonist's POV, how interesting would that be? Of course the writer would have to work hard to get us invested in the story by liking the baddie to start with.

Do you prefer a bad situation or a bad person?
I've just been lucky enough to read a first draft of a friends next book and it had both a bad situation and a bad person which added to the tension triple-fold. It was awesome!!!

What books have you read recently that had awesome baddies?
Who is your favourite villain?

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  1. Great post :) I would love to try writing a book from the villain's POV. How much fun would that be?!