Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Count Down Time!!

Brenda and I are getting uber excited.

Forbidden Territory is being released on July 1st!! Followed by a very fun blog tour including awesome blogs from all over the world.

We have busily been preparing guest posts and answering fun interview questions. We can't wait to share it all with you guys.

This weekend I will post the schedule and giveaway info... because, let's face it, what's a blog tour without giving some stuff away :)

We really hope you can join us!

Oh yeah - and don't forget to check out the Mica & Lexy Series Facebook Page too :)

In the meantime, here's a little nibble of the book for you to enjoy.

by Melissa Pearl and Brenda Howson

Chapter One


    This party sucked!
    It wasn't that the music was bad. It was actually awesome, pumping through the house with that loud thump that vibrated up your body. I loved that feeling.
    It wasn't that the people were bad. A bunch of my school friends were here and I had spent the last half hour waving and smiling at each of them.
    It wasn't that it was lame. This was one of those, ‘The parents are away! Let's break all the rules!’ kinda parties. The teenagers filling this house were on a liberty high. I could tell that things were going to get wild by the end of the night. Wild and probably very entertaining.
    I looked at the front door with a grimace.
    There were two things bugging me... one was the fact the he had just arrived and the other was the fact the one person I needed to help me through this disaster was the one person I couldn't find.
Stupid Suzanne Feldman. If she hadn't invited Tom to the party, we wouldn't even be here. Lexy usually hated this kind of thing, but as soon as Tom said, "Well, that sounds delightful," in that posh pommy accent of his (he's too polite to respond any other way), she just HAD to come... and of course
I just HAD to be her wingman... or winggirl. Whatever.
    I huffed.
    So much for wing-anything, my best friend had disappeared with none other than Tommy boy.

    We got separated in the dining room when I was pulled aside by Kenny to ask if ‘Sexy Lexy’ would be interested in a ride home.
    I rolled by eyes and slapped him on the shoulder as he passed me a cup of beer. "Kenny, I love you man, but get it into your head." I raised my fingers one at a time, listing each reason. "Lexy is not into you. Calling her Sexy Lexy is only damaging your chances. She's basically with Oxford now... and besides, she brought her car... and after the sheep incident last month, there's pretty much a snowball's chance in hell of me ever being able to drive it again."
    I frowned.
    "Who's Oxford?"
    "Really, Kenny?" I tipped my head and patted his shoulder. He was such an idiot. I looked at his sad confusion and relented with a sigh. "Tom, aka Oxford, is the British exchange student... from Oxford. In England."
    He still looked blank.
    "Oh come on, Kenny! He's been living at my place for weeks now! He comes to school with me every day! He's even come to a couple of our band practices. Are you blind?"
    The long-haired bass player let out a wistful sigh. "I only ever see Lexy."
    "You know you're pathetic, right?"
    He gave me one of his dopey smiles. I couldn't help adoring him.
    "Plenty of fish, mate. Just let that pretty little one go and you'll catch another." I followed my pointing finger and was surprised to find the pretty little fish was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Tom.
    I wandered into the lounge looking for the leggy brunette, sipping my beer and teetering on my stupid heels. Why we had convinced ourselves to dress up for this thing was beyond me. Lexy and I lived in normal clothes. We weren't huge fans of make up or skirts, but just occasionally we got a little nutty and tonight had been one of those nights. Lexy wanted to look pretty for Tom. She's been so giddy over the guy, I couldn't help getting excited too, so we donned our minis, I forsook my beloved Doc's for a pair of ridiculously high platforms, which admittedly made me as tall as Lexy, but also made me feel like a total idiot. Besides, she decided to wear heels too, so I was back to being ‘the short one’ again. I'd have done anything to be short at this moment. What was it about my ripped jeans, scuffed boots and Ramones T-shirt that made me feel so safe?
    I stood in the lounge, fluffing my mass of curls, not knowing what else to do with my spare hand. My finger caught on one of Lexy's hoop earrings.
    I rubbed my sore lobe and scanned the couches. They were strewn with teenage bodies, some looking more drunk than others. I saw Suzanne in the corner, wrapped within the arms of a sleazy looking creep in a leather jacket. He was rolling a cigarette as she whispered in his ear and giggled. I shook my head, wondering what had happened to the straight-A, goody-two-shoes who used to walk the halls with her nose in the air. She'd certainly taken a step down.
    With an irritated huff, I realised I couldn't see my bestie and was about to walk back through the dining room when the front door flew open, followed by a loud laugh.

    "Uch!" I shivered. The person I hated most in this world had just strolled inside with a perky blond beneath his arm.
    So he was the star winger on the rugby team. He scored more tries last season than ever before and held the school record. Big deal. The guy was a total dickhead... pus-brain, tosspot, moron, prick. Screwing up my nose, I ducked around the corner before he spotted me and continued with my list of insults. They were getting dirtier by the second. I had to find Lexy. I couldn't handle an entire party with cheating Rob here. He was supposed to be totally in love with me. Well, that's what I thought until I found him practically having sex with Lizzy McKay at the Valentine's dance. I swear if I hadn't walked in, they would have totally done the dirty on the floor of the music room... next to my Fender Stratocaster guitar case. The insult was too much to bear.
    I blinked at tears that rushed up, unbidden. Where was Lexy?! I took a large gulp of beer. I didn't actually like the stuff that much, but it was in my hand so I took another swig. It didn't make me feel any better.
    I continued my hunt down the hallway and stopped outside a closed bedroom door. They wouldn't, would they? Lexy wasn't like that. They weren't even really together yet, but she was pretty in love. I mean I'd never seen her like this before. But...
    I placed my hand on the knob and listened against the wood, but couldn't bring myself to believe that those moans belonged to the girl I'd been attached to since I was eight.
    Stepping back, I headed down the stairs to the rumpus room, thinking about how much things were changing. I liked Tom a lot. He was an awesome guy and I wanted Lexy to be with someone that cool. What she didn't know about him was the fact he was a thief. Not the smash and grab kind, but the subtle kind who came into your life and stole your best friend without even meaning to. 

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