Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Triangles

Do you like reading a book where you have to guess which guy the heroine will end up with? AKA the love triangle?

Of course the modern love triangle is Bella and her werewolf and vampire. For me there was never any other choice for her but Edward but having Jake there, kept things interesting and kept us wondering. It adds to the tension, which is always a must for a good read.

Other stories just have the one guy and one girl with the question, will they or won't they?

Personally I think the love triangle breeds more tension and interest but at the same time I would hate that in my own life, having to choose between two guys. HARD.

What good love triangle books have you read recently? What made them a 'must read'.

By Zealous Girl


  1. Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince has a great love triangle. The choice doesn't seem obvious, and even when you think one is better, then the other love interest will do something to win you over and make it even tougher. It takes a well crafted storyteller to make each love interest equally viable.

    1. Good point. That's made my mind start ticking over story scenarios :-)

  2. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the whole love triangle thing. It drives me just a little crazy... in spite of the fact I actually have a few stories like that up my sleeve. I wonder how I'll feel when I write them!

    I read a book recently - The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington - that love triangle kept me guessing up to the last page!!

  3. Yes the KISS OFF love triangle was interesting. Luckily Poppy ended up with the guy I was routing for!!