Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Favourites - Make-Up

I'm not one for wearing much make-up. I do love getting dressed up every now and then and decorating my face, but within the hour, I'm usually over it. My poor mother - she tried her best, but I have just never been a girly-girl :)

Because I'm not a huge make-up person it's very easy for me to fall into the trap of writing characters who never wear any.

The character I'm working on at the moment would kill me if I wrote her into this book without a scrap of make-up on. Appearances are important to her and she would never leave the house looking anything less than presentable.

I haven't delved into too much description about this. I just know this about her and it will hopefully come across in her personality.

How much make-up do you like teenage characters wearing?
Do you like the writer to mention it?
When you picture a character from a YA novel, do you imagine them with make-up on?

I like characters who are natural, like Bella Swan from Twilight or Katniss Everdeen for The Hunger Games.

How about you?

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