Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When I was a kid, the most popular books to read were 'pick-a-paths' which used the most rare point of view - 2nd. Second person is where YOU are part of the story.

The books are formatted where after a couple of pages of reading you are faced with a choice. Will you go into the cave or continue through the forest. This continues, giving you choices, until you end at one of about 5 different endings. Being a nerdy reader, I would read the book over and over until I'd come to every ending and gone down every scenario. I LOVED them!!!

Another brilliant thing about them is they got people reading. My brother hated to read but he would devour a pick-a-path.

I wonder if it's time for a come back. Maybe a YA romance or paranormal version where YOU actually get to choose who the heroine ends up with. Fun!

Thanks for stopping by and send me your thoughts :-)

Zealous Girl


  1. I LOVE that idea!!! Go for it, Brenda! You'd be awesome :)
    My own ideas are sparking too - maybe we should do another joint project!!

    1. First let's order a few more hours in each day :-) sounds like a fun project!!

    2. LOL!! Yes - that would be good. Something for the future maybe... you know, when we have more time.

      Oh don't make me laugh!!


  2. I used to love reading pick-a-path books, I'd def read a YA one if you wrote it :)

    1. LOL :) We'll see what we can do. Better get Forbidden Waters under way first :)