Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favourites - Country

I've had a lot of discussions with friends about what country to set books in. A lot of my writer friends set their novels in America/UK as there is a school of thought that American's/English prefer to read books set in their own country. What I want to know from YOU is, is it true? 

Melissa and I have set our Mica and Lexy series in New Zealand. Melissa has occasionally worried about this, but being the stubborn arse that I am I wouldn't consider anywhere but New Zealand, where I'm born and bred. I've never been to America or England so would feel a fraud if I set a book there, with no experience of the landscape or culture. Sure I watch movies but how real are they? 

Personally I love to read books set all over the world. I like to find out new and fascinating facts about different places. 

Does it make a difference to YOU where a book is set? Do you prefer books set in your own country or do you like to read about other areas in the world? 


  1. As a writer I've had lots of comments about my books being set in New Zealand. Most people love the fact they know exactly where the books are set, because the majority of what we read here is based in other countries. People from other countries also love reading books set in New Zealand for the same's a learning experience and a point of difference. Good choice, Melissa :)

    1. I have to thank, Brenda. She was the one who really pushed for an NZ setting. I'm SOOOO glad she did. I love where Forbidden Territory is set. NZ is such a gorgeous country and it's been fun putting our characters into these amazing settings :)