Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview with Eli from Forbidden Territory

Eli Connell is a very cool guy. He is Lexy's older brother and Mica's total heart throb. Creating him was an absolute pleasure. Everything about him seemed to appear in this neatly wrapped up package, but then as I wrote him I got to know him better.

I thought it would be cool to interview him today - so you guys could get to know him a little better too.

Hey Eli, welcome to YAlicious. Thanks for joining us today.
No problem.

So - we all know you are Lexy's older brother. Are you two close?
In age, we're just over two years apart so growing up we had our moments of all out war, but on the whole, I'd say we are very close. Lexy's awesome. She's fun to hang out with, intelligent, easy to talk to. She's a great sister.

And Mica? I guess you'd think of her as a sister too.
It's kind of hard not to. Those two seem joined at the hip. I've watched Mica grow up along side Lex and it's been great. She can be a real pain in the backside sometimes, but she can always make me laugh. She's one of the most entertaining people I know. She's... he blushes... yeah... she's great.

We hear you spent four months travelling around Africa. What prompted a trip like that and how did you find the experience?
I don't really want to go into details, but my last year of high school had some major low points. When I finally finished, I just wanted to get as far away from Te Anau as I could. My Dad and I don't always see eye-to-eye and I wanted to do something completely on my own. I know it sounds selfish, but I just wanted some time to think about me and what I wanted.

Africa was totally amazing. The best experience of my life. I met up with an exchange student I'd met a few years earlier and stayed with him for a few weeks. Then I went on safari, got to see the most amazing wild life and experience the culture of the place. I started in South Africa and travelled north a little. Four months is a decent amount of time, but definitely not long enough. I really want to head back again some day.

What do you plan on doing in between?
I'm looking for a job so I can save some money and travel again. I don't just want to see Africa, there's a whole world out there that needs exploring. He smiles. But I'll earn my way. I think a building apprenticeship is a good place to start. I've been asking around. Something might be in the pipeline.

No plans to study?
He groans. My Dad wants me to, but I don't see the point on spending a truck load of money when I'm not exactly sure what I want to study yet. There's plenty of time for that later. There are too many other things I want to do first.

Like geo-caching treasure hunts?
Yeah, not sure how keen I am on any more of those to be honest. He laughs. Who knows what the future holds. We might go hunting again one day. I know, in spite of everything, that Tom's still pretty keen. I wonder how hard it will be to convince the girls.

You four seem to make a good team. Do you hang out a lot together?
Well the girls and I grew up together, so I guess we spend a bunch of time hanging out by default. Tom seems like a pretty cool guy and Lexy is ga-ga over him, so I guess I will get to know him a whole lot better this year.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. I'm sure we're all looking forward to finding out exactly what happened on that geo-caching trip.
Bring on July 1st, right?

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