Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Interview with Tom from Forbidden Territory

It's less than a month until Forbidden Territory is released! Eeekk. Today we're interviewing Tom (Thomas) Williams, an exchange student from Oxford, England. 

Welcome Tom. How are you enjoying New Zealand so far?
Hullo. Thanks for having me today. I am in love with New Zealand, the nature and the scenery are completely amazing and the people aren't too bad either! Living in a small town surrounded in bush, lakes and mountains is such a contrast to my life back in Oxford.

Do you miss England?
Will my family read this?
Not likely...
Cool. Then not at all.

Heh heh. So you live with Mica Latham's family. What's that like? 
How long have you got? It's like living in a sitcom! I didn't know they made families like this. Rebecca (Mica's mum) is a cuddly, caring, annoyingly lovely person who hugs me a little too often.

Mr Latham is a typical kiwi bloke and is kind enough to teach me some farm stuff and is incredibly patient when I mess up. Very very different to my father...

And Mica... well she's a whirlwind. She talks constantly, walks into my room without knocking, is up and down like an umbrella but I completely love her like a sister. This experience wouldn't be as cool without her.

In Forbidden Territory you run into some trouble in the bush. What was that like?
Trouble, that's one word for it. I admit it was like a horror movie at times, I was pretty terrified but lucky I was with Lexy. She is amazing when under pressure and in fact saves my life more than once. I owe her a lot. There were some pretty amazing times too, but I'll let you read the book to find out more about that.

Would that involve you and Lexy? 

... so are you in love with Lexy?
(long silence)... completely!

Well thank's for your time, Tom. Leave a comment if you have more questions for Tom. We'll chat to him again soon. 

If you want to find out a little more about Mica and Lexy, you can check out Forbidden Territory on Goodreads, LIKE the Mica & Lexy Facebook Page and there is also a FREE SAMPLER available with the first few chapters of Forbidden Territory.

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