Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favourites - Hospitals

I spent most of Wednesday at the hospital. It was no big deal, just a minor operation, but I thought I may as well pay tribute to it today :)

I'm not sure why, but hospitals make a fantastic setting. I think it's because there is always conflicted involved. You don't rush to a hospital if nothing is wrong. It usually means one of the characters is injured or sick, causing emotional distress.

It also makes a great setting for chase scenes, what with all those long corridors, busy medical staff and worried visitors to bust through... and it can also be a great place for playing dress up. How many movies have you seen where characters have dressed up like a doctor or nurse to get away with something they normally couldn't.

So much fun!

Now I know this blog is YA, but for the purpose of this particular post, I'm going to branch out and list some other movies that involve some of my favourite hospital scenes.

The first one that comes to mind is The Fugitive. Dr Richard Kimble sneaks in, looking for clues on who killed his wife. While he's there he ends up saving a young boy's life. A very tense and exciting scene as you wait for him to get caught at any moment.

Another one like that is in MI3 when Ethan Hunt is searching for his wife, knowing that something bad has happened to her.

And you can't pass up that heart wrenching moment in Million Dollar Baby when Frankie Dunn finally grants Maggie her wish and let's her pass away in peace.

There are plenty more, but I'm going to end with the heart warming moment in the Notebook when Noah and Allie lay next to each other in their old age and you're left to wonder if they'll stay that way forever.

How about you?
Which hospital scenes in books or movies have tugged your heart strings or made you bite your lips in nervous anticipation?


  1. I actually love the hospital scene in 'While you were sleeping' where Sandra Bullock's character is mistaken for the unconscious guys fiance. Lots of funny scenes there!

    1. LOL - I thought of that one after I published the post. Love that movie :)